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If you have an angel story that you would like to share that saved or changed your life in some way, please send me your story. Angel Blessings, Rev. Nancy

"Overflowing with Joy" by Nancy Kimes Copyright 2000
Published in "Angel Visions," by Dr. Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

The year was 1980. It was an unusually hot day in the middle of summer, a day I will never forget! I was very depressed. Nothing seemed to be going right in my life, including a relationship I was desperately hanging on to. My life had no plan, no direction. I was looking for a way out, so I asked God for help. I needed to know that I was here for a reason. I wanted to be able to help myself and others. At the time, that wish didn't look very promising. I cried as I spoke to God, as if He was standing beside me. Then there was a knock at my door. Oh, who is that? I thought. Should I answer the door?
The knocks continued. I finally opened the door with tear stains on my face. Before my stood a man with a bright smile, around 30, handsome, with a clipboard under his arm. He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt and dark trousers. His sleeves were curled a few folds. He said he was sorry to bother me but wondered if he could have a glass of water. I couldn't refuse him, as it was hot as blazes out there. I asked him if he would like some ice, also, he said, "Yes, that would be fine."
As I turned on the faucet, the heaviness I had felt seemed to be lightening. He finished his glass of water, and I asked him if he would like some more. He said yes, with much appreciation in his voice. So I poured him a second drink, again with ice. This time I started to feel like something was filling up inside me. I noticed that my mood, my depression, was lifting. I was feeling better! The man finished his second drink, and I asked him if he would like another. He was still thirsty.
So, as before, I started to pour a third glass of water. I experienced an overflowing of joy, and spontaneously thought of a beautiful Biblical scripture:
"Those who thirst after righteousness' sake shall be filled."


Vision of Mary

Copyright 1999

Vision of Mary


I was talking on the phone with my sister who was living in Arkansas at the time. She was in awe about a vision she saw on a building across the street from her house. I told her to get her camera and take a picture, then send the picture to me. She gave me the pictures and negatives after moving back to California a few months later. The building holding the image, use to be a church. It is now a dental building. I could clearly see that the image was of Mary. It looked like she was riding side-saddle on a donkey.

Chevy Blazer '99 Totalled

(Chevy Blazer '99 Totalled)

Miracle On The Highway

Copyright 2001

This is my story! Nancy Kimes

The date was 01-31-01. I left my house in La Palma, Ca. at 9:30 A.M. to visit my mother in Thousand Oaks. The traffic was unbelievably heavy for no apparent reason why.
I was pondering over an important decision. Often times I talk to my angels/God and ask for assistance when I am driving, and many times I receive messages on licence plates that give me an answer.
I had to drive several freeways, and it generally takes a little over an hour to get there. After entering the 105 Freeway the traffic was heavy, and while on the 405 Freeway I asked to see a sign that would help me with my decision.
Soon thereafter, I passed a car on which the license plate read JSTHVFN, and I thought... what a unique license plate. I also saw many 5's which mean major changes. I saw these messages just before reaching the 101 Freeway, and it helped me greatly in my decision.
Just a few miles from reaching my destination while driving in the fast lane, I drove by a van and noticed its plate which read HVNHLPR. By now, I know that I was receiving messages that caused me to be on alert. As soon as I began to ponder its significance to me I saw a tire bounce in the fast lane on the southbound side, opposite my direction.
It all happened in seconds as the tire leaped over the divider and headed straight for me. My first thought was not to put others in danger and sized up very quickly where the tire was going to hit. I took my foot off the accelerator and stood my ground.
Holding onto the steering wheel to keep it steady, the tire went right through my windshield on the passenger side! The tire then dislodged and spun out over the freeway out of harms way to others. I stopped the car in the shoulder, and just sat there. I was very calm and my heart was beating normally. At no time did I have fear or think that my life was over.
The first words that came out of my mouth was, "Thank you Jesus"!
Cars began to slow while I took notice of all the damage and broken glass. I had some very fine glass on my pant legs. A man soon stopped and asked if I was all right. My heart dropped at the thought of this man coming to my aid. Maybe, a minute passed when the highway patrol pulled up behind him. I thanked the officer for coming so quickly after receiving the call about the accident as I saw a woman on her cellphone which I suspected made the call. He said he never received the call, and just happened to be in the area. Another indication that my guardian angel and Jesus was watching over me. While in the car waiting for help, in my minds eye as I was looking through the hole of imploded glass, I could see the image of Jesus!

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