Elementals from the Fairy Kingdom...
by Nancy Kimes

"My Name is Celeste"...
"A Pixie Elf named Shy One"...
"An Angel named Madeline"...
" My name is Sunshine"...
" Bubba and Bugsy"...

My name is Celeste.      

Nancy's Garden Fairy

I live in the fairy kingdom.

As you can see, I am made of pottery
I have been made for eyes to see
Through a dream in someone's mind
But not really...

I am the image many see
A product of your fantasy... or reality
I will frolic in a garden land
To your sweet blooms I'll give a hand.
As you keep them in your tender care
You will see a glimpse of me there!

I live in the forest and deep in a glen
The little people, gnomes and leprechauns
Are my friends.
We get together for song and play
And hope that we all will meet you some day!

The next time you see a garden display
With relics of our likeness at play
Do make a wish, think hard and true
You shall discover we are there for you.

We love tending gardens with angels alike
Cool under a leaf when the sun is hot and bright
We are like mimes in passages of time
And only appear to an open heart and creative mind.

I bid you farewell from a faraway land
And will welcome you in the heart of our land
So, when tending your garden with images of me
Think twice before you depart from thee
I am much more than pottery...


"A Pixie Elf named Shy One"...

Nancy's Garden Elf

I once met a Pixie Elf
In a form of ceramic and stone
...Such a cute little elf
I had to bring her home.

She sits beside my ferns outside
With long bent leaves so she can hide.

She said her name was "Shy One"
And I believe it's true
It seems she's always looking down
Instead of up at you.

Those who see her molded self
And feel a flutter deep inside
Have been touched by pixie wings
So feel a sense of pride.

Not everyone who greets her
Will be blessed by her feathery touch
It is her way to invite you in
To a world she loves so much!

"An Angel named Madeline"...

Nancy's Garden Angel

Madeline is like Mother Mary
In the land of elves and fairies.
She extends a gentle hand
Around the little ones
Her wings span.

In the darkness of the night
She appears as a guiding light
Helping the lost
Find their way home
Protecting the little people,
nymphs, and gnomes.

She is known across the land
All are welcome in her clan.
In the meadows and forest trails
By creeks and valley's
Lakes and moors...

Anywhere she is welcomed in
She will find a home
For her little friends.

"My name is Sunshine"...


Glory be... the sun filters light
Through the trees
Birds sing their spirited songs
Bees gather pollen
Their whole life long.

I am so happy to be
In the presence of nature you see
To touch the Earth
And smell the blooms
Climb the stalks
To watch the moon.

In the daylight
Bright and cheery
We dance and dance
Until we are weary.

We have many feathered friends
Creatures tall and small
When danger's near the signal comes
In time to warn us all.

I owe so much to the Great One
Who made me as I am
To be free to roam in nature
In a vast and magic land!

"Hi there! We are Bubba and Bugsy"...

Bubba and Bugsy

Two frogs who live in a glen
With a pond, a forest
And a meadow 'round the bend.

Side by side
The best of Friends
Side by side
'til the bitter end.

They feel safe and secure
Surrounded by friends
Of the fairies and little folk
That live with them.

Feasting on gnats and
A fly now and then
Before resting awhile
By a shady creek in the glen.

Floating on a lily pad
Near the bank of a pond
Croaking and ribbits
Are heard all night long.

During sunrise and sunset
In the boggy blue
As the air shifts a degree or two
They meet with their brothers
To dine and sing
This seems to be their favorite thing.

They are happy-go-lucky
An unusual pair
In a land of magic
That permeates the air.

Now in my garden
Their replica's stand
Embellished with remnants
From the fairy land.

Poems by Nancy Kimes Copyright 2003