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Archives: Christmas 2002
Christmas message from Padre Pio...

Padre Pio's message on "Karma" ...
Padre Pio "Meditation", Experiencing Oneness...
Padre Pio on "Love"...
Padre Pio on "Love, Hate, Peace, and War"...
Padre Pio on "One Energy, One Power, One Reality"...

To all of you who are visiting this page, welcome.
I am not Catholic and I do not know why Padre Pio has chosen to communicate with me at this level.
I started receiving messages after I had a vision of Kwan Yin who came toward me, stepped aside, and a Being in a brown hooded robe stepped forth. The hood was over his head so at first I didn't see what he looked like. Then he lifted his head and looked straight at me. His eyes were intense yet full of compassion and love. I did not know who he was. He telepathically told me his name. I did not see his name in print just heard it, and spelled it the way I heard it, Padre Peele.
A friend whom I shared the first channeling with was sure that I spelled his name wrong, and that it was indeed Padre Pio.
After a few channelings, I shared the rest of the vision with her... After he lifted his head and looked at me and hearing his name, I saw his chest grow red and a heart emerged. I knew very little about Padre Pio so my friend Helen started to send me information. To make a long story short, I was shown a picture of Padre Pio and instantly recognized him as the Being or person in my vision, and this was the second time I had seen him. The first time was during a Reiki session while I was practicing the techniques on my Reiki Master.
The link to the picture above is the image of the person I saw.
I truly give thanks for our sessions in healing and channeling, and my intention is to stay open and receptive for as long as he wants to work through me to impart any messages that he wants to reveal. Blessings Rev. Nancy (Solina) Kimes

Christmas message from Padre Pio...

Dear Children of the Divine,
Oh how I wish I could be in embodiment at this time. This is a blessed time on your Earth as I behold glorious lights that shine bright and twinkle in the night. A busy time indeed. Let's not forget the meaning and the miracle as you celebrate and rejoice with hymns of praise lifting the spirit of many in need.
This is a time for blessings and prayers. Angels descend and watch over the Earth with great care. Life is surely a miracle. Be glad you have the opportunity to give and heal. As you do, love permeates and fills the air. Looking back, if you felt a little greedy or you did something unfavorable, bless the lessons from the experience and move on. The truth will always find its way into your heart and mind. Christmas is about sharing, gratitude, forgiveness, and honoring one another for the Christ within you the hope of glory.
The universe abounds within and recycles life, and the memory of you. Be caring and compassionate to one another. Be kind, gentle, and set disagreements aside. Be aware of everything present around you, for it is part of the cycle from which you evolved. Let the heavens open up and shower you with love. Surprise someone with a gift from your heart that will last a lifetime. A gift that cannot be lost or stolen, abused or forgotten.
Let the Christ-life of Christmas live in your heart, and peace shall abide forever.

Blessings my Children, Padre Pio Channeled by Nancy Kimes 12-15-02

Padre Pio's message on "Karma" ...

Greetings Dear Ones,
It has come to my attention for a long time now that an explanation is needed to define "karma" in its proper aspect. Karma is ruled by some very explicate yet simplistic guidelines. Some seem to think that it doesn't apply to them, it is nonsense, they don't believe in it, etc. Karma is not a respecter of persons, conditions Earthly or not.
When one abuses themselves or another karma begins to form. You could equate it to a guilty conscience, and know you will get punished one way or another. However, let it be understood the cause serves the accumulated karma... not God, or any other thing.
Why do you think you have free will? When will you finally get it? When will the learning come from your lessons?
I mentioned before in so many words that there is a job that needs to be done. Mainly being mindful of your choices. Make straight your intentions, and when following your heart do it with strength, and courage. Do not GIVE your power away in the process.
Karma comes from lessons that need attention, telling you to find another view point, make different choices, embrace the truth of who you are so the power will be noticed. Truth is hidden in the same place the Spirit resides... within you! So don't go around babbling about this and that, and make excuses of the worlds present condition. Clear up the dis-ease within you, and you will live in a different world from what you are used to living in! If God loved misery there would be no escape out of the paper bag you find yourself in. It is time to move out of glass houses, and build a solid foundation. This will be your armor in the days ahead... to protect and serve. You are the only hope for the future of the planet. You must believe in yourself. When you accept this, karma will be working for you not against you.
Karma is really a beautiful action because without it there would be no boundaries, no conscience, no evidence of the law that we all must come to respect. Make your choices, but also live with them. If you don't like them than create other choices that are in alignment with the betterment of all concerned.
My hope it that you get my point. Do not drift from your own focus. Be steady, be brave, and have an open heart so that your guidance will always be there to serve you.
My message is strict, but it comes from all of us in the Galactic Realms. You are the children of the Light. Many souls have tried to embody to join you at this time, but have been unable to incarnate. Look at the gift you have to be able to serve. We on this side of Heaven pray that you will not block our help.

Padre Pio introduced by Kwan Yin, Channeled by Nancy Kimes 6-28-2002

Padre Pio "Meditation", Experiencing Oneness...

Padre Pio, I open my hands and heart to you. I come to you this evening to ask you about the Earth Council... why it is going through so many changes, and about channeling the masters and mystics and scientists? Please tell us if we are on the right path, and lead us not into temptation but to the Light.

Dear One,
Let your faith be your guide. Only God can lead you out of temptation. I have dearly suffered and put upon myself many burdens because of my love for the people, the Earth. They are all children of the flock, and many wander aimlessly on the road to ruin.
The masters have a message to proclaim. Those with ears to hear will hear. I too have a message. It is the same message given from long ago about a boy being prepped for a mission to save the world. It is a lesson on how to save yourself. The story goes on how greater things shall we do if we will just believe. Focus your attention on what is important. I know that you are wanting to do your best and sometimes it is hard for you to believe that I am here.
Believe it. You asked me here. I am here to stay because more messages need to get through and delivered to the people. This message is not just for you but for all of you. You believe that the sun rises and sets don't you? And, you believe it because that is the way it has always been.... that is the way you remember it. REMEMBER.....

Close your eyes and remember before there was any Sun. Move through the darkness, be aware of the presence. Be aware of your presence. Are you not part of the darkness? Now move faster to a point of light. As you draw closer the light grows stronger and brighter, and in an instant the light is there. Are you not part of the Light? You are a blend of both Light and dark, ONE. In the Light you will see the darkness. Look I can prove it. Do you not see your shadow?

There. I am trying to open your awareness so you can quiet your mind and let my thoughts flow into you. It is going to take a little more training than I thought. I won't give up on you.
The Earth Council has come together so you can recognize what needs to be done, recognize each other. You are on higher ground in respect to communication. We are bringing the best of you together to fine-tune you. I am referring to those with open hearts and minds willing to dig deep to uncover the truth. Because the truth is needed to change the thoughts the way the world is changing.
There is so much to prepare for you are our soldiers that will defuse the battle of the unseen. People get into trouble when they see with only their physical eyes. This is how the scientists have based their beliefs. Until they truly turn inward will they find the truth. Many things can be proven on an intellectual level, but the greatest of these are from Faith, Love and Charity.
Do not lose sight of the task ahead, who will lead or who will go. We are molding you into shape. As I said before there are many with different names who are called to join us. A larger portion is yet to come. Partake as we eat of the divine. Internal food I am speaking of with springs eternal. Living springs of life everlasting, where perfect peace resides and all disease is healed on all levels. Love will fill to such a capacity that no disharmony shall dwell therein. Be peace and you shall live in peace.
If everyone would look within they would see the face of love without. It is impossible to harm others when you are love, because in truth you will see your own reflection in the world. Practice being who you are.

Padre Pio channeled by Nancy Kimes 08/10/02

Padre Pio on "Love":

Dear Children of Light,
I wish to express my humble gratitude at this time. It is an honor that I am able to extend my light to you. It is always a privilege to be able to commune with Earth souls who are diligently pursuing more harmonious ways to interact with all of life.
I wish to impart what I understand about "Love", and to share a teaching with you that touched my earthly and heavenly life.

Love is the essence of Joy in its purest form.
Love is kind, it is pure. Love is grace in its highest form.
Love is forgiveness. Love imparts that which it is.
Love is a vibration of Light... iridescent, radiant, glowing, and bright.
Love shines like the stars in the heavens when the Sun sleeps!
Where I am it is always bright with light. There is no night.
This universe is vast. It is a glory to behold.
Where I am it is always warm and never cold...
A place where you return to youth and never grow old.
Lucid as it is, we do embody an essence, it is called a soul.

On Earth our soul is housed within a shell
It is up to us to treat it well.
Through the files of lifetimes past
We come to Earth a molded cast
Filling it with dreams and pain...
Life's experience on this Earth plain.
A presence we come to understand
Beyond ourselves a helping hand.
We rejoice that we are not alone
And, when our life is done we return to home.

Padre Pio 08-27-02 received by Nancy Kimes

Padre Pio on "Love, Hate, Peace and War":

Dear Ones,
I return again with an impending question. What is the difference between Love and Hate... Peace and War? Each distinction is at opposing ends of the spectrum. When you meet in the middle it is neutral. This is a state in which you need to focus your attention. We come here to this Earth to learn the quickest way possible what is the best way to serve others as well as our selves for the highest good, where we will get the most leverage. How does one define power and where does it originate? Where in our energy centers do we receive the most conflict? This will tell you the true motivation and where it will lead. Will it build or destroy, edify or detract from the ultimate goal?

My dear peacemakers, this world has heavy burdens which has caused much stress on the environment. Keep the peace and do not make judgements lest you be judged. We are at full watch and know your troubles, we know your concerns. We will be with those in the East as well as the West. There are those who have chosen to sacrifice for this cause on both sides. This is a global situation that needs to become and accept neutral terms. Power is a strange entity. It can create another polarity between good and evil. Again, the polarity exists at opposite ends. Shield the night but not your Light. Let it shine bright. Let it reflect the Sun in your soul. A clearing is about to take place so that we can restore the balance.

Take account Atlantis and Lemuria my dear children. In that timeframe the abuse was done in the form of solar energy... laser beams which was used to instill fear and possess power which ultimately destroyed their existence. Today you have weaponry of an explosive nature through poisonous gasses, germs and atomic warfare within the hands of irresponsible agents that are blinded from the human spirit.

The spirit needs to be revived to bring healing and understanding. We watch on with horror, the harm that enslaves all of you through the fear this threat instills. Be neutral in your thoughts. Do not give this the time of day. For it rushes into manifestation head on with its opposing force, collides if you will, and destroys the whole thought pattern.

Get to the point where you know who you are. There will be nothing at that point you need to defend. Hard to do, but if you give it your all to stay centered it can be done.

Elevate your thoughts. See a pinpoint of light or glean at the North Star. Send the thoughts there for safe keeping. Charge them with that energy that gives the light its brilliance, its form.

Ground yourself deep within the Earth to stabilize and reconnect to the mother of humanity who brought you forth and gave you form. Do not lose sight of the Father presence, the love that both the Mother and Father have for you. Each one exists within you, has its life within you. A time will come soon when peace shall reign. It may be in another place, another body, but it will come.

Blessings my children of Light, Padre Pio... Channeled by Nancy Kimes 09-23-02

Padre Pio's message on "One Energy, One Power, One Reality" ...

Dear Ones of the Light,
Blessings and greetings to you. I have been going through levels of transformation while on the other side. It is not an easy task to break free from Earth reality. A strong consciousness exists with Earthly life. I have to remember that it was a part that I played to bring me to the place that I am. Transformation you see is stepping out of illusion and into reality. There is One energy, One power, One reality. There are many that worship many forms and practices. It doesn't matter because all is in the one.

Extremists, fanatics, obsessive behaviorists strain to be different, noticed, and heard. They constantly create change and movement to shape the illusion of their reality. Conservative thought processes tend to move at a slower more permanent pace wanting change but creating little of it. So what is the answer? Bring ones thought back to a central point.

Earth beings works hard at separation. We on the other side can see the foolishness of this. The feeling of inadequacy and/or supremacy create the disharmony between one and the other pulling continuously against the natural flow. One needs to transform, discarding the old patterns and replacing it with new ones... transforming mortality with immortality. Realign your thoughts by building together a new structure that can house the many. Instruct, edify, and glorify the One energy, One power, One reality so that you will be complete in the One.

Bring the light of who you are into your everyday life. As the light transforms others healing occurs which corrects and modifies discord of all kinds. Be of service to the One. As you accept the service of healing allow the effects to return back to you. Operate the gifts of the One, joining others who have knowledge and wisdom to pass the teachings on, for they are ancient and reflect the true source of power of the One.

Use the knowledge you have now to build a solid base. By doing so you are building a masterpiece. Do not take knowledge for granted as wisdom will escape your understanding.

Acknowledge guidance in all that you do. Be thankful and honest and enjoy the things that are offered to you. Be present with all of your senses as the Light descends on you.

With Love and Peace, Padre Pio

Received by Nancy Kimes 11-22-02

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