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Padre Pio "A Special Message on Easter"...

Padre Pio "Seek Counsel Within"...

Padre Pio "Do Not Get Caught Up In The World Cycle " brought forth by the Intergalactic Council...

Note: Padre Pio takes part in the Karmic Board along with Kwan Yin, and St Germain. He is also part of the Heavenly Council and Intergalactic Council. He has been very busy since his transtition from this earth plane. There will be times messages will appear from one of the councils above. I feel it important and appropriate to include these lessons and messages of love as part of the ever expanding essence of Padre Pio.

Padre Pio "A Special Message on Easter"...

Easter Greetings from Padre Pio

Let us rejoice at this time and celebrate renewal on this planet Earth. This is a time when the old shall pass and a new birth shall become imminent. Let the old fall away and embrace the morning of a new day, where beginning fresh will awaken and heighten new adventures. Lay to rest your burdens and cares as the Master Jesus was trying to teach us.
His message was loud and clear as he touched the sick and weary. Jesus continually tried to show us the Spirit in all things. The body is just a temporal vehicle. He taught us to have an open heart, be forgiving, and showed us how to heal and overcome our limitations. Let us be an example of the great sage who had the gift of sight and pure love that penetrated the souls, cleansing and healing their infirmities.
Be blessed by knowing that many struggles which existed then were sustained with courage through the mighty power of the indwelling Spirit by those who embraced the power of faith and love. Remember the gift that you have been given in overcoming the injustice, and calamity of your present awareness, and be at peace knowing that the Spirit resides, lives, and breathes within you. Rise above in the ascension of the Christ consciousness and sit on the right side of His glory. You are part of that glory, and your presence in this world will be forthcoming to reveal the glory of God. Your help and love is spreading throughout the atmosphere that is creating a cohesive bond with others who share a world view for peace and healing around the globe. A world manifesting clearing and cleansing, bringing renewal, and joy. Harmony shall overcome the discord, and a peaceful, serene place shall be established. Get ready for the feast and prepare for the celebration that unites the heart of the world with one heart of the people. Give glory to God that this is so.
The Spirit of God moves throughout the land touching the internal heart, awakening the memory of shame and affliction so that the heart may be purified and held in an honorable way. The lessons run deep to stir those dishonoring the soul, bringing release and compassion, healing the tormented with a revival of trust and peace. God does not bring you calamity. It is brought to yourselves through human error. Seek what you ask by going within, bringing a sense of tranquility and peace. The nature within will be seen without. Much more can be done in this state of being in your inner and outer world. You shall not be touched by conflict when holding this understanding deep in your heart.
The great mysteries of life and death are now being understood. Life and death are transitions, or transformations, that change a form or habit creating an end as well as a new beginning. Let us remember the great sages of time, and know they are in the realm of thoughts and space... the place of new beginning and endings, the place of dreams and creativity... the place of Spirit within and without. In thought-meditation you are in the realm of the masters where materialization become concrete. Blessed be.
I am Padre Pio. I am with you always, and OUR thought shall meet in the astral plane.
Be kind and gentle with yourself so you can transform this idea to others.
Peace and Goodwill, Padre Pio.

Received by Nancy Kimes 04-17-03

Padre Pio "Seek Council Within"...

My Dear Children,
Listen to the guidance that is being given to you. Even if you have heard it before, there is a reason you are hearing it again. Time, in your world, seems to be speeding by. It is so easy to miss the simple things in life. The basics of what you learn to apply in your life are the essential ingredients to create the foundation you need to develop a solid framework for your security and safety. In all that you do and ask for seek the counsel within. There are many internal voices. Go within and test them through your intuition. This is your guide to your internal intelligence. Do not be dismayed because something does not occur within your control, your time-frame. We do not know time in the spirit realm. When a request is given, we look for the appropriate opportunity to grant it that serves you in the best way possible. Once you make a request you do not need to help us. We are very capable to create this. When you ask us to do something for you and then aren't sure that you want it, you confuse us. If you need to help us then be confident with what you are asking. This is all that you need to do. I haven't been in this realm for long. I am understanding how fickle your thoughts can be. You change your mind like weather patterns we observe, and I remember well all the distractions that can beset you. Open your heart and walk in faith believing in yourself and your mission in life. Not everyone has a spiritual path in this life-time, but it sure makes awareness of the divine plan easier to understand individually as well as collectively. Before you can set sail, you have to pull up the anchor that is holding you down. When you feel all is standing still around you while all else speeds ahead, become aware of the conditions you have set up for yourself. Once you can clear those channels you can navigate your direction in the ocean of abundance... free to sail the width, the depths, and heights of your life path. Also know, that what you create in your mind are the possibilities of opportunities in your path. Do not doubt the capabilities of the mind. The mind can take you to great heights. The spirit awakens the intention within you. As great as the mind can be, it can also be a great deceiver. Do not get carried away by every idle thought. Be purposeful, be pure, be open, and you will be guided into safety on your journey. Everything you wish for is in the realm of possibilities. If your faith is upright you will succeed to the end. Your strength, courage, and conviction will see you through the darkest days. Your light shall not burn out. You are the light in God's eyes. You shall receive the harmony that you seek. It has already been given to you. Accept peace, accept the presence of God in your life and you will see this is so. I am Padre Pio, and my heart burns for you. I know your challenges for I have suffered for the world while in embodiment and I still do. You are precious jewels of light. Shine! Received by Nancy Kimes 01-30-03

Padre Pio's message on "Do Not Get Caught Up In The World Cycle" brought forth by the Intergalactic Council...

Dear Ones,
Greetings and blessings to you all. We are honored for the opportunity to serve you at this time. There seems to be some miraculous things taking place. See how empowered you are? There have been many delays from war on your planet. Know that you prayers are heard and before preceding on the next step, know that much will be thought through.
There will be certainty before action is taken. You will learn many discoveries that will bring light to what is right action. We can speak to you of this concerning war and your own life. It is important not to lose sight of your mission, your purpose. You must not get caught up in the world cycle. The world will take care of itself as you must.
There is much karma connected with the drama that is being played out. Everyone is playing their part for divine completion. Each person that is now on this earth plane is most important. You are completing the end of a negative cycle. We are confident that you will not have to return. This will be your choice if you should decide to return. However, in that time your Earth will be much more advanced than it is now. Thought shall physically manifest. Labor will be exercised with the mind. Telepathy will be common. There shall be more intellectual robotic-ware, mechanics, electronics, digital systems, solar systems, new math, body kinetics, gene therapy, and laser synergy.
I shall not try to explain this as the vehicle that is receiving this is limited to its understanding. Some of these topics are already being received and underway for discussion. This is adapting more toward a scientific structure than that which was once considered science fiction. I do not mean to imply that my vehicle is closed to such subjects merely that this is new information to her. She needs to trust more what she is receiving instead of trying to think whether this is correct or not. Such is the analytical mind. But, we do approve of her ability to be open and jotting things down even when not understood.
The air around your planet is becoming an open book. There are many other intelligent species that are studying vapors that are making rings around your earth. We are also studying the tares in the layers of your atmosphere. There is a green haze surrounding you, sort of milky like a coating that will sooth and heal the contamination that is presently accumulating.
Enjoy living. Send love to your planet every day. Show gratitude in the present moment. Use the gifts that are much more open to you, and seize a desire for more quality than quantity through your manifestations. Continue developing your insights and follow the instructions that provide for your physical and inner healing.
We are the Intergalactic Council of the Intergalactic Federation. We will be with you for the rest of your time on earth. We bless you, and the work that you are doing. We bid you well...

Received by Nancy Kimes 02-20-03

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