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                                                       SOUL RETRIEVAL

In some cases a person may feel disconnected, lost, helpless, or like parts of themselves are missing, or being controlled by others. There is help available to those who feel blocked in moving forward. This process is called "SOUL RETRIEVAL" and is designed for those who are ready to take responsibility for themselves.
If you are ready to call back the missing fragments of yourself and face your adversary with many names, and if you are ready to take charge or empower yourself than a soul retrieval may be the choice for you. This is not an exorcism. In this ceremony you will bring back the pieces that are rightfully yours where you have given your power away.

Some other causes for Soul Loss are:

Physical or Psychological Abuse
Trauma, Guilt, Shame
Depletion of Energy or Vitality

Symptoms of Soul Loss may include:

Chronic Illness
Excessive Behavior

Soul Retrieval is offered by donation and can only be done in person. Soul Retrievals are conducted in unique locations in California, Nevada and occationally in Michigan. Inquire first about schedules in Nevada and Michigan.

Private "counseling" available by appointment...
half hour sessions $45; 1 hour session $65.

For your convenience, counseling in person or by phone (which is an extra service), and (a suggested donation of $75) for soul retrieval can be applied through a credit card using the secured paypal link below.
NOTE: Three Reiki sessions are recommended prior to a soul retrieval. You may choose a FREE REIKI session or a SOUL RETRIEVAL after 6 sessions. Contact Nancy at Appointments for Reiki sessions and Soul Retrievals are in person only.

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