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Another Lifetime From The Stars...

Far One From The Stars from Rygene...

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"Star Seed" by Solina

Star seed children forming on earth
Like the pollen in the air so many are birthed.
Their mission to unite and bring into the fold.
Around the world the message is told.

Light bodies near in all that you do.
Preparing your way to be a Light Body too.
With hands opened wide they will be your guide,
Indicators that pass energy through.

Sense its vibration whether near or far.
Form a tunnel to travel to the stars!
Whenever you need us here we will be
As our thoughts travel through infinity.

You are known by the light that's inside
A blueprint of your DNA so you'll be easy to find.
Stretch out your hand and help all that you can.
Shorter days remain in the Divine plan.

Solina    09-24-00

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"Star Seeded Souls" Youtube Video - music by Enya

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"Another Lifetime From The Stars"

I am adding this information again and hope that what I received and share with you now, will be understood from the standpoint that all of us have a story to tell, we all came from somewhere out there! What prompted this channeling was from a friend I hold dear from Australia. She recognized something in me because of what she recognized in herself. We have finally met, and we felt that we knew each other for a lifetime. I hope that you will recognize a part of yourself in this writing as we are all connected.

I begin by telling you about my feelings, and then the channeling unfolds...

I know instinctively that I am originally from the Pleaides. I must go out to the desert and do more channeling. The energy seems to be much clearer there. I was using a typewriter when the 3 letters came through from the Hierarchy. I was told that I was a High Priestess. My name is Solina.

My name attracted and drew energy from the sun. I new Jesus even then. It was truly a paradise. The blue atmosphere bubbled around the planet star and the yellow rays of the sun filtered through the blue space creating a pigment light that made the environment lush and fertile. I am remembering as I type the place where dreams and fantasy come alive. All is perfect harmony.
I am wearing white with gold weave tapestry design at the cuff and hem. A gold silk belt graces my midriff. Here you can see energy as it is created. I release sparkled stars from my fingertips which turn into winged horses, and dove that soar high. The Goddess Athena my mother, and Andromeda my guide, speaks to me in dreams. She tells me that I must leave this sanctuary and go to Earth where I must reside. I must have made this all up. I am disturbed at what I see. So many souls in disharmony. Andromeda watches from the heavens, descending protective light. Just a portion of God's eternal Light. Andromeda was the angel I saw at the cathedral in Brazil. She reopened my sleeping centers with a powerful laser of white fire, my heart, throat and third eye. Athena came to me at the Good Will Temple also in Brazil while meditating in the Egyptian room. She came into me and we became one. I recognized her and thought she was my past life. My mother, a mirrored image of me. It was time for her to be a part of me. The power centers, sacred places, vortexes of this planet is where I am able to rejuvenate my cells and bring my energy in alignment in crystalline form, so that communication is made possible with Rygene, the White Brotherhood, and my ancestors from the sky. On Earth is an entangled web. It is where sickness and dis-ease are bred. Helpers come to save the day, Star Seed children on the way. Earth was once like ours, fragrant, vivid, dancing flowers. Now dull and faded, even the air is suffocated. We come to bring back the crystal hue of what was innocent and new. Encrusted hearts closed and shattered. All that's left is limp gray matter. But when touched by healing hands the pink-red hue returns again.
Open your hands to send the Light, spin the force field into night, and let it rain with all your might. From one Star Seed to another.
All is Love, Solina... Received 08-28-00

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"Far One From The Stars from Rygene"

You know who I am... a twinkling eye
A sparkling diamond on the black velvet sky.
I'm one of the many that make wishes come true
Opening doors to let others pass through.

My mission is Truth, to help pave the way
On Earth as it is in Heaven this day.
Some knowledge has been hidden about worlds beyond
To protect the weak minded until they are strong.

Mortals need to learn while here.
Your world is awakening to heal the fear.
This is why We are here to help as you draw near.
For in this hour you will bring forth the power.

We will channel through, and bestow
the blessings in all that you do.
We are here to demonstrate the power
to make your understanding clear.
Until we are asked we do not interfere.

You have opened the way... asked us to come this day.
We'll give you the secrets of time past and present...
And help you create a world that is pleasent.

We are called here through the subconscious level
To prove we are from the Light Force and Not from the Devil!
The Devil was created millenniums past in the mind that holds negativity fast.

Eaten away... tormented every day
until the Light enters in a profound way.
Be not afraid Christ is paving the way...
setting them free from the illusion they see.
It is done... the life that's in me,
giving mortals immortality.

The darkness is gone. It has melted away.
And that is why you have awakened this day.
The glory belongs to God for He reigns supreme...
The judgment is ours... we have all been made clean.

I have enjoyed this visit with you, and will return again.
My name is Rygene... from the All, in the All and for the All... Amen!

Channeling by Nancy Kimes (Solina)Copyright 2000
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"Nations Seeking Freedom"

In these troubled times
The horizon looks bleak
Tormented by war
And the freedom we seek.

No comfort in sight
Until the day we awaken
With a plan good for all
From nation to nation.

As a nation under God
We should lead the way
Join hand in hand
For liberty and freedom everyday.

We must serve our county
The best way we can
So our children will have hope
In each foreign land.

By joining together
To heal this great cause
Let us begin in silence
And abide by God's laws.

Nancy Kimes February 2003

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"Blessed Be"

Blessed be
Blessed are you and me
Blessed when ALL can agree
Blessed when ALL can finally see
I am you and you are me
We are ALL a part of thee.

All for one
One for ALL
The heart reveals
A wake-up call
To bless our home
And foreign lands
Asking for a helping hand.

Blessed are the ones who heal
Blessed are whose light reveals
A soft word
An open hand
A passion for freedom
In a divided land.

Since we are ALL one
What is the sense of destruction?
Let us be glad
And open our heart
Let the light balance the dark.

We All have our dreams
And we want to prevail
Oftentimes find ourselves
On cumbersome trails.

In fulfilling the dream
We need to find freedom and peace
It is the only answer
For this war to cease.

We may not like
The mirror we see
The reflection can change
When All can agree
Remember, I am you and you are me!

Nancy Kimes 03-15-03
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