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Kwan Yin Reiki
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Products to enhance your spiritual work and prosperity.

Nancy's Full Product Line of Fragrance & 
Essential Oils
Nancy's Scent-sational Formulas ®
Enjoy Nancy's line of magical blends, sprays, and essential and fragrance oil products...

It is important to set your intention when using these blended oils as they enhance magical and spiritual properties that are divinely inspired, to create your own emotional and sacred healing desires. These oils are designed from Spirit, and are adequately activated through your intention to bring God's love and life's treasures abundantly to you. All you need to do is accept and be ready to receive what is being offered to you. You will receive according to your openness to receive. Place all that you request in Divine Order and Divine Timing. It is worth the wait to receive your highest good. And, when you focus with intention, the manifestation tends to happen more quickly! Metaphysicians, healers... those who are on the spiritual path, find it easy to create their sacred space and enhance their holistic work while using these oils. Many like the feeling they receive when using the products to create a change in the energy of a room, or enhance a mood that is uplifting and pleasant to the user. As you review the products listed below, and read the particular properties connected to each one, listen, and try to sense which one is calling you. What would be fun also, is to review the pictures of the products first, choose one, then read the description. You may find it is exactly what you need at this time! I would love to hear about your experiences once you have tried the oils. Please contact me if you have any further questions.
714-739-5819. Create BIG DREAMS and may you reach the STARS!
Peace and Goodwill... Dr. Nancy

Sacred Space Room Spray
All orders of oil blends and spray products will reflect our new label.

"Sacred Space", this delightful fragrance enhances the sanctification, and blessings of a room or space designed for teaching, meditation, healing or counseling. This is a 4 ounce glass, cobalt blue, spray bottle of aromatherapy fragrance blends.
This blend marries the sacredness of harmony and love, unifying the creation and intention you wish to fortify in your spiritual work. Sacred Space includes 5 different fragrances blended with witch hazel.
Areas suggested:
A reading room, enclosed patio, healing room... any place that you want to make sacred, devoted to spiritual enhancement or healing therapies.

(Cobalt blue glass 4 oz. spray bottle, $22.00. Includes shipping and handling. External use only)

Sage-Light Oil...
This roll-on was created to use as a fragrance to clear and cleanse the energy surrounding yourself. Use when unable to burn sage or incense. It will also help clear stagnant or negative vibrations.
"Sage - Light" has 7 sacred ingredients, a fine blend of sweet almond oil, jasmine and other oils to spiritualize and lighten the aura around you.
(10 ml, $12.50.   Includes shipping and handling. External use only)


Sage Clensing Mist Spray

Sage cleansing mist spray, can be used to clear and cleanse the skin and aura with a refeshing splash of frangrance in a distilled water base. Use at the beach, while gardening, or before entering your sacred space.

Important: Close your eyes when spraying around face, neck, etc.,
Sage is used by indigenous peoples to clear and purify the auric and physical body fields in preparation for sacred ceremony.
The Ingredients are formulated with a light fragrance which quickly dissipates as it stimulates the skin and opens the channels for clearer thinking and focus. Sage oil, and other essential oils are used for this formula which enhance spiritual properties when used with Sage.
(8 oz. bottle, $22.00.   Includes shipping and handling. External use only)

Karma Klear

"Karma Klear" Essential Oil

"Karma Klear" Essential Oil...
Clearing of your own karma or for protection, guarding against psychic attack, or karmic issues held onto by others. Breaks ties of the past, a powerful grounding oil, attracts relationships you can trust, even yourself. This oil covers karma with love.
Seven essential oils are blended in this formula w/Jojoba oil
(10 ml - amber glass dropper bottle, $12.00.    Includes shipping and handling. External use only)


Lavender Rose Spray - Mood Enhancer

"Lavender Rose" Spray ...
Enter the enchanting world of Lavender Rose. An enticing mood enhancer and mood uplifter, you can use as a perfume or spray in a room for a special occasion, or spray on your linens for a romantic evening! A little of this fragrance goes a long way.
The blended ingredients were created to accentuate loving, peaceful and healing vibrations to the wearer, or to create a shift in the mood or vibration of a situation. Also, it heightens sensuality.
Luscious oils of Vanilla, Lavender, and other fragrances are blended in a base of Witch Hazel.
(4 oz. glass cobalt blue spray bottle - $22.00.   Includes shipping and handling. External use only)


Sacred Dance Anointing Oil

This sacred blend invites the Spirits from on high to dance with you. It enhances one's transformation, letting change unfold, creating more awareness and sensitivity with courage and confidence.
A combination of aromatherpy oils blended w/Jojoba oil... your dance experience will be guided by Spirit through synergetic movements, creating a sacred geometry instilling peace and harmony around you.

(10 ml - amber glass dropper bottle, $12.00.  Includes shipping and handling. External use only)

Bronze Dragonette Silver Dragonette

(Bronze & Silver baby dragonettes)

"Feng Shui Dragonettes".
Give birth or create new life in your prosperity area. Enhance your space with an egg made of New Zealand clay impregnated with a fully-formed dragonette waiting for your love and care. Designed by "Crafty Dragon", each dragonette is unique expressing personality, grace and wit. You may birth a bronze, silver, gold or non-identical twins! Their purpose is to give you joy by enhancing or recharging your prosperity. Your dragonette is waiting to meet you. Adopt one today!
Each one comes with a prosperity coin and information describing the character of your dragonette. It is said that the dragonette you receive chooses YOU!
Only $24.95 ea. (NOW REDUCED to $20.00 plus $6.00 shipping and handling)... Only 5 left!
(Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery)
Size of dragonette approx. 2" high standing dragonettes, or approx. 2" across laying down. All dragonettes are unique with various postures and poses. Before you crack the egg giving birth to your dragonette, be sure to check the date and time for its own personal astology analysis. Instructions will be included for the purpose and uses for your baby dragon.

* Allow up to 3 weeks for delivery of products listed above.


Kwan Yin Reiki™ Workshop
Founder/Teacher: Rev. Dr. Nancy Kimes RMT

Includes the Kwan Yin Reiki™ Initiation Oil, Goddess Symbol, Manual, Certificate and I.D. card.
Prerequisite: Reiki Training, or simply your desire to heal.

Kwan Yin Reiki Master Apprenticeship Program

Kwan Yin Reiki™ Workshop Phase I, 1-day Intensive
Kwan Yin Reiki Phase II, 2-day workshop
Kwan Yin Reiki Phase III, 4 day workshop
Founder/Teacher: Dr. Nancy Kimes D.D. RMT

Prerequisite: Phase I, Reiki training, or simply your desire to heal.
Phase II, must complete Phase I; Phase III, must complete Phase II.

Contact Dr. Nancy directly at:
Or call for info at: 714-739-5819

Preregistration required. Deposit 50% of tuition; Balance of payment at event. Also visit website for more details -

(Conduct an event in your home with a minimum of 7 new students and receive great benefits!)

For inquires or sponsorship call: 714-739-5819

Deposit for workshops held in California, is $72.00; The balance of $72.00 is to be paid at registration of the first day. Check flyer for appropriate deposit/fee if not in the state of California. Contact Nancy 714-739-5819 to receive more information. A new link will be provided for out-of-state workshops.
A registration form is required for certificate and I.D. purposes, and for continuation and completion of the Kwan Yin Reiki Master Apprentice Program™.

This workshop does not include cost of food if not stated or accomodations.

Nationwide Requirements:
A minimum of 7 students required in Southern California. For out-of-state workshops 12 required.
Fee varies with location.
Email Nancy to schedule a workshop or for more information.
Workshops require 50% deposit, and the balance to be paid one week before date of workshop if held outside of Southern California.

NOTE: Your deposit will reserve your space. To sponsor a workshop and receive the workshop at no cost please contact Nancy. Other benefits apply. Call for more details... 714-739-5819


Kwan Yin Reiki™ Workshops
or other scheduled Events...

For additional information contact Dr. Nancy Kimes - 714-739-5819
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