The ESP'er Group

Are you psychic? Tell us your story. For free testing and evaluation contact Peter Guttilla (909) 985-3736 or send e-mail to: .

The ESP'er Method of Psychic Research and Development offers courses in beginning, intermediate and advanced psychic training. The ESP'er Method is a scientifically based " no-nonsense" approach to ESP where readings are verified and scored for accuracy. This is an intensive course that can lead to field research and investigation. Be part of the adventure. ESP'er is one of the oldest organized ESP training groups in the US and offers genuine help to individuals as well as community at large. We maintain a high ethical standard and are sensitive to the issue of confidentiality, and other needs of our clients and students. Areas of general interest include spiritual development, healing, and the application of intuition in practical decision- making, career guidance, family and relationships. Areas of special interest include the search for legendary Bigfoot, and other unexplained creatures, UFOS, paranormal events, missing persons, and treasure hunts. Empathy and commitment ensures your success and can enrich your life.

Bigfoot at Mount St. Helens

(Bigfoot Country Mt. St. Helens)