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"A Prayer from Padre Pio"...

This page is designed to make you more conscious in activating the healing and care you need, to maintain the balance required in all of life's circumstances that you attract along the way. The exercises herein will help bring you back to center within yourself, and begin a new framework for optimal health. You have a conscious choice to change the patterns in your life through the knowledge that you seek, discerning the right choices which brings wisdom, and bringing an understanding through your experiences. Life gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you want to be in the process.
We would like to hear from you how the following information has helped you on your path to recovery.

Quote: "When the student is ready, the Master appears"

Padre Pio's Prayer "Accept Healing"...

Prayer from Padre Pio...
My prayer for you dear ones is that you will accept the healing light. Open yourself up through the emotional pores of your heart and know that you are worthy to receive the gift of healing on all levels. Open your heart and let the healing flow through, touching every part of you to eliminate the stress and hurt that follows you like a shadow. Allow the shadow to heal bringing total healing in your thoughts, emotions, and physical reality. Let the Mothers of God comfort you and cradle you in their loving arms. Let the masculine forces father you and protect you with their strength and guidance. Know that you are a combination of both of these energies and therefore, make your healing complete. Within the Christ energy is 'Chi' that is ever powerful, ever present, and thirsts for knowledge and the truth. Within the Christ you will find rest as you 'sit' for a while, and find that 'this is' the way, the truth, and the life. Within Mary, you shall find a 'ray' of sunshine in the mother devine, and Kuan Yin, you shall find a part of 'U in any' situation where you allow the guidance to flow out to others. Within yourself and your situation is a responsibility that is part of your being. It is the best example of the service that you extend to others. And in taking on the cares of others, know that you need not own their grief and conflicts. Christ bore the pain as did Kuan Yin and Mother Mary, and Mother Teresa, and myself, so that you could go on and endure what was to be glorified and rightly discerned. You are blessed to have the opportunity to become whole by changing your lifestyle to form healthy living, healthy habits, healthy thoughts. Soothe yourself by immersion as in re-entering the birth canal washing away the debris and the guilt... setting yourself free from the past, giving life to new adventures, new awareness, restoring wholeness within. Energize yourself with crystals to bring harmony, and clear sight, and clean air. Bathe yourself in rainbow light. Let the colors form and sink in below the surface of your skin and feel it pulse and move and grow covering your body from head to toe. Accept, accept, accept, and grant yourself permission to be healthy and whole.
Blessings to you this day and always, Padre Pio

Received by Nancy Kimes 05-08-03

Healing From The Masters

Grant me
So that I may see
The Master.

Grant me
So that I may
Sense His presence.

Give me
So that I may
ACCEPT His guidance.

And, give me
So that I may
HEAL myself.

Written by Nancy Kimes

"I am willing to release the patterns
in my consciousness that created this condition."

"I am healthy, whole and complete."

"You Can Heal Your Life" - Louise L. Hay

In Times of Grief

I will be with you
As you need strength.
I will carry your voice
To the highest Heaven
To be comforted
By the Heavenly Council.

Your grief shall be lifted by the wind
Subdued by the clouds
Around the world...
Returning once again transformed.

The Light shall bring the dawn of renewal.
The burden of your heart
Shall be burned away with the setting sun
To return renewed, fulfilled, and free.

God's grace activates awareness
Through rebirth... Life after Life.
And, will continue to sustain, and enhance
The flame of compassion and love.
Revised (C) 2001 Nancy Kimes

Reflections of Self

As I internalize I see
The perfect Self I want to be
Not always what appears outside
That my Ego tries hard to hide
By understanding who I Am
I take notice once again
That all good things come in its turn
All else I should dismiss concern
Self Love seems hardest to accept
Because doubts control me still
If I can learn to Love myself
I will empower perfect will.
(C) 2002 Nancy Kimes

True Self Meditation...
Fill a small bowl 1/2 full of water. Float a gardenia, rose, water lily or magnolia flower on top. Hold a picture of yourself between your hands. Close your eyes and focus on,
"I see my true self". Now relax for 3 to 5 minutes or as long as you want to internalize what "true self" is revealing to you. Take a deep breath, hug yourself... and smile :-)
(If a picture is not available sit in front of a mirror)

Healing Meditation

You are walking along a country road. Ahead of you is a pasture of plush green grass and rolling hills. You decide to rest for a while, and make your way up to the closest hill. As you l lie down you feel the thick grass underneath conforming comfortably to the shape of your body. Gazing at the sky, soft billowy clouds float by. You begin to count them one by one. As each one passes your body feels more relaxed. Your eyes begin to feel heavy. You try to keep them opened, but soon you surrender, and go into a deep, relaxing sleep. Your whole body feels as light as a feather. You can no longer feel the grass underneath.
Now you gently float up into the air, and land at the edge of a forest. You find a pathway lined with graceful trees. Multitudes of green and rich brown colors accent the landscape within the forest walls. Bursts of light spray trees and earthen floors. Soft scents perfume the air as you forge deep within.
All of your senses become intensely keen as you hear the wind rustle through open channels. Eventually it greets you on the path and swirls gently around you becoming more acquainted with you. Forging past you, you feel the afterglow like fingertips lightly massaging your whole body. You can taste the fragrant air. Your ears hum hearing the song of your soul. Each part of your body responds in vibration. The birds enhance the melody as they sing in perfect harmony.
Soon every sound in the forest becomes One with musical tones. The light of all colors sheer and bright penetrate every part of you. The muscles relax and the cells vibrate transforming themselves with new and vibrant ones. Every thought is raised and elevated. Harmony is restored.
The breeze now returns, lifting you above the tree-tops, bringing you back to the hill where you started your healing journey. It gently lays you down. You accept the awareness on all levels that your whole body has been restored to balance, healing all conditions in your life now. Give thanks to the creator of nature who gave you the guidance to restore your soul!

Written by Nancy Kimes 2002