Rev. Nancy Dr. Rev. Nancy Kimes D.D., D.C.S., O.M., RMT

In the early 1980's I became involved with a scientific research team investigating Bigfoot, UFOs and paranormal activity. Leads from newspaper articles and first hand witnesses prompted numerous interviews and explorations. Field investigators from other areas also filtered in sighting reports. We were trained in remote viewing, psychometry and other sensitivity skills, map location, and search. These skills made us qualified participants in field research.

After several years of involvement with the ESP'er Group I expanded my abilities in the areas of spiritual counseling, teaching, and studied for my ministerial credentials and Doctor of Divinity. This work has integrated my life for the past 3 decades. I am a U.L.C. Minister and Dr. of Divinity (Universal Life Church), as well as a licensed minister with U.S.C. (Universal Spiritual Church).

If you feel your mission is to become a minister please visit The Healing Circle. The information is located at the bottom of that page.

Solina is my soul expression name which was given to me in 1983 in meditation.
I met my Reiki Master while on tour in Brazil in 1998. Reiki has been part of my life ever since! Another love of mine is Intuitive writing and Counseling. I am a Reiki Master/practitioner, and available for Reiki training workshops.
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I have been a member of IARP since 2000... (International Association of Reiki Professionals)...
Recent membership in "Mind Body Spirit Business Network", and "AHAWE"(Ancient Healing Arts Wisdom Extention Association, Inc.) and volunteer El Dorado Nature Center, Long Beach, CA.

Travel is my first love. My travels have taken me on several spiritual journey's to Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil, visiting sacred places and sites in Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley, Cusco, Lake Titicaca and many other powerful vortex areas. After my recent trip to Peru and Bolivia I started receiving an in-flow of messages from Kwan (Kuan) Yin by way of poetry, channeling and inspiration. A NEW and exciting healing workshop has been developed through Kwan Yin's guidance and grace. This workshop is called, "KWAN YIN REIKI™ ". More information can be found at my sister site:

My focus is on healing and travel, bringing people to distant lands in search of their true spiritual nature and aid them in their transformation.

Do you often dream of travel? I teach a workshop designed to help you create travel opportunities.
The Workshop is called but not limited to, "Feng Shui Journeys". Learn to empower the areas in your life that need the most attention. Find dramatic ways of increasing your prosperity, change conditions that scream for change or finding a balance that brings in the peace and joy you deserve!
Enroll in a 4 hour workshop to help you realize your dreams and bring you closer to manifesting them.
Are you motivated to be your own boss, get paid what you are worth, help others find and use their unique gifts or talents? Do you feel you have something to offer, a mission to fulfill? Questions like these and more will be covered in this class.
A new class schedule will be posted soon.
Contact Dr. Nancy at 714-739-5819 for registration and information.
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