In 1993 I began conducting Intuitive Art workshops. The workshop was birthed through spirit, nudging me and making me aware of my own artistic insights, as well as the willingness to help others open up to their creative ability. As I conducted the workshop insightful messages came forth through each participants painting. Thus, the workshop has become very therapeutic by way of bringing feelings out into the open, and opening the heart center to receive your highest and best good. I encourage all levels of talent to take this course, and especially those with latent talent or no apparent talent at all. You will come away with a feeling of accomplishment and surprise. Soul's expression dance, meditation to find your higher purpose, and journal writing have been recently added creating a new chapter,"Intuitive Art 102", and is opened to all particiapnts that have taken Intuitive Art 101.
These additions make a powerful contribution to one's creative expression.

Intuitive Art 101
Teacher/Facilitator Rev. Dr. Nancy Kimes
Professional Intuitive, Counselor, Minister, Teacher, Healer, Creative Artist, currently residing in southern California.

Use creative painting for therapy, healing and fun. This course is designed to wake up the sleeping artist in you! Have you indulged yourself with the time to explore your creativity? Do you think you have no artistic abilities? This workshop guarantees you will be surprised at the latent potential you have been holding back. You will re-discover the many facets of self. If you can not draw a straight line, this is the course you have been looking for! Give yourself the opportunity to express your innate creative ability. Meditation and insightful examination of each painting allows you entry to the hidden more elusive side of yourself. As the workshop draws to a close, you will find your mind to be more open and expansive, lifting the veil and uncovering your own unique mysteries! Supplies are provided by the facilitator. You are welcome to bring your own brushes. All students start at their level of creativity. There is no competition between students. Medium used is acrylic.
Workshop fee, $100.00. $50.00 deposit. Intuitve Art 101 only.

Intuitive Art 102
Prerequisite: Intuitive Art 101

"Open Yourself to Creativity & Your Higher Purpose through Art, Meditation, and Dance." Supplies will be provided, however those who wish to bring their own paints of another medium are welcomed to do so. This is a full day workshop.
* A guided dance video will be instrumental conforming to freestyle movement and expression.
* A guided meditation will enhance an awareness of your higher purpose.
* An art interpretation will highlight this event.
This is a time when insight will be shared from one of the pictures created by each student in the workshop. You will learn to open up and intuit what is seen through color, movement, the way the colors flow, patterns that repeat themselves, discernment of an emotional nature, as well as what may be hindering or highlighting one's life. This insight will open your awareness of where you are and invite you to move forward to create the life you want, or see yourself becoming the person that you want to be... the person you really are!
This workshop is designed for adults who want to bring out their inner child, the open and creative self, refine their purpose, and become an open channel of art through intuitive insight. It will also enhance and highlight the readings you already do... i.e. Tarot.
Fee for this workshop is $100.00.
Contact Rev. Nancy if you would like be a part of this wonderful workshop. 2-Day Workshop fee includes Intuitive Art 101 & 102. Workshop fee, $150.00. $50.00 deposit. Private classes available. No discounts.

Art Class Group At Sandys

Art Class at Sandy's

Cambria Meadow Near the Cliffs


Come play and enhance your inspiration. Give birth to your life purpose. Journal the desires of your heart. Feel the Harmony spring forth from Your own Soul..."
Look under "workshops & products" for locations and dates soon. Limited to ten students.
You can sponsor this workshop in your area and receive some great benefits! I hope to hear from you. Let's talk about it.


Animal Rock Paintings (a product of art that manifested through the creative process)

Deer Rock Art

(Painting of a young doe)

Why Rocks Do Not Sing Alone

If you hold a blue rock to your ear.
you will hear the ancient river
that kept it as its heart.

The dry wind that used it for its tongue,
and the earth that promised it a mouth of fire.

A speckled rock is from the dream
of a galloping appaloosa.

The herd sings its Ceremony of Grass
and their dream-Stones fly from their hooves
into the spattered sky.

A black rock has the Bear's spirit caught
in its last sleep. The song circles the stone,
giving it the illusion of fur.

All yellow rocks keep the secret of Owls,
All green rocks are the breaths of plants
singing in nightly joy.

A red fist-sized rock is two lovers
as their bodies sing on the grass.

A gray stone naturally honors our ancestors.
It is a word from the common language of the dead.

Keep the rocks.
Someday you will understand.
Rocks do not sing alone.

       Author Unknown.


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