"Birdman Watching"

Birdman Watching

A Message from a Shaman "Birdman Watching"

In the deepest Heart of the Jungle
A Birdman Shaman lives.
Collecting seeds, plants and soil
Bulbs and bark and even more
He places them in a pile
To let it cure for a while
Some he puts in boiling broth,
The rest he smolders between fine cloth.
He then spreads the herbs between two leaves
Closes his eyes to focus as he breathes.

He does a ritual with his hands
Invites the Kingdoms to this land.
A ghostly figure now appears
An invitation to explore a new year
Felt guided by this ghostly hue,
He finds a part of his hidden self
And a part of you.

Giving birth
As his awareness expands
The Spirit moves throughout the Earth
To a higher calling for mortal man.
As awareness integrates the Heart and Soul
The Spiritual quest begins to unfold!

Channeled painting 1994
by Nancy Kimes... June 6, 1999

PERU: To Theo, our guide and shaman, from whom I learned to go deeper within myself to find my spiritual connection with the Universe, the Sun, the Stars; and to experience oneness with the earth, including the ground, rocks, and mountains. I now feel more aware of my communication and connection with nature. To our tour group family, for a wonderful, and memorable experience.
I also thank those of you viewing this site. It is my desire to enrich your curiosity or spiritual enhancement by sharing a very special journey with you to some of the most sacred sites!
If you would like more information on how you can experience this spiritual place for yourself, as it is truly individual in the awareness and knowledge you are seeking, please contact Nancy about our next journey in 2005 at: Reiki4U@SolinaVisions.com, (dates will be posted soon). Join us for a Kwan Yin Reiki Workshop at the Poqen Kanchay Center in Cusco, and learn insights and shamanic traditions from Dr. Theo Parades, Peruvian born and raised in the heart of shamanic culture, and who was indoctrinated into the ancient teachings and healing at the age of eleven. It is truly an experience that you will never forget, and it will change your life. I cannot possibly give you the whole experience. What I can offer and give is from my heart to your heart...

For calendar of events visit website below:


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1) Hello from Bolivia!

Escavation Site

2) Excavation Site - Tiahuanaco

Faces of Ancient Times.jpg (44k bytes)

3) Faces of Ancient Times - Tiahuanaco

 (61k bytes)

4) Marketplace La Paz, Bolivia

Nancy and Flutist Valley of the Moon.jpg (40k bytes)

5) Nancy and Flutist
Valley of the Moon, Bolivia

SacredValleyOfTheInkakunatn.jpg (40k bytes)

6) Sacred Valley Of The Incas

Crop Terraces at Pisac (45k bytes)

7) Crop Terraces at Pisac

Huanac Picchu Mountain (43k bytes)

8) Huanac Picchu Mountain

Condor Mountain at Machu Picchu (29k bytes)

9) Condor Mountain at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Ruins (46k bytes)

10) Machu Picchu Ruins

WaynaPicchu  (29k bytes)

11) Wayna Picchu

Sacred Temples of Machu Picchu (45k bytes)

12) Sacred Temples of Machu Picchu

Pepe and Nancy (50k bytes)

13) Pepe and Nancy atop Wayna Picchu

 (45k bytes)

14) View of Andes at Machu Picchu


"Birdman Watching"...