New Moon Rising

It is dusk and a new moon begins to rise
The day rest while glimmer and magic fills the sky.
You breathe in the quiet of engaging night
The heaven deepens... the stars charge their light.

The energy feels soft yet forboding
Your wishes, desires, and dreams begin unfolding...
Your thoughts and visions are crisp and alive
This is the best time for new projects to arrive.

A time to set plans in motion
And immerse yourself in the deep, dark ocean.
Move through the universe like a malignant form
Impregnating ideas from which you are born.

The twinkling night again meets the dawn,
You did not realize you were there for so long.
With a yawn and a sigh the makes its presence
You can now feel the warmth through its essence.

You give thanks to the evening that is no longer in sight
While opening your heart to the beautiful light.
It is time to proceed with new beginnings
Your bases are covered, and loaded in all innings.

With the day opportunity makes way for your claim
The night gives form to the rest that remails.
Accept that new beginnings are alive and true
And ready to manifest through the brilliance of you.

written by Nancy Kimes
All rights reserved.

Betwixt by Moonlight

A pale moon dances and shimmers
upon the rippling pond
while the gentle wind glides across its surface
rustling tall shoots of grass around its frame
and fans the leaves of the towering oak.

Through the branches
a moon beam engages an owl's eye
and a partial silhouette moves
as there is still enough light
to capture the hunter of the night.

You watch as the owl blinks
and there you are perched on the branch.
And, as its eyes open you see vividly
as the light slips away behind the horizon.

Setting your gaze in the cool blue pond
you can see several fish below.
Flying gnats and mosquitoes swarm,
frogs lie in waiting, anticipating...

The creatures of the night
come to drink from the moon-soaked pool.
How inviting and refreshing
as it quenches the soul.

In brisk and clear sky you see
your own reflection looking down.
You fluff your feathers and stretch your wings
preparing to take flight.
The movement stirs you from your steady gaze
betwixt by moonlight.

written by Nancy Kimes

Poems by Penny Harter

From the book, "Turtle Blessing" published by La Alameda Press
Copyright 1996 by Penny Harter--included by permission of the author.

For a Great Horned Owl

Tonight, like the early soltice,
the sky swings open,
the stars grow fierce,
and a chill wind rises in the sycamore,
keening among the dead and dying leaves
as it marries the cold to the dark.

Where I live, house after house
turns on its lights;
but on this wind, an owl
in a midnight pine forest
calls across twenty years
because I will not leave the tent
and walk barefoot through the trees
to find her.

In Deer Country

Part leaf, part shade,
they stand beside the road,
and we are foreign, Out there
at the edge of the clearing,
some drift into the sun,
faces lowered to crop clover,
backs flecked with light.

In deer country, they live
in their own time; even running,
their limbs flow softly into grass,
their bodies weave like water.
They are the old way
of moving on the Earth.

Haiku... A discussion of its tradition, the 4 great masters and free-style poetry... Lecture by Nancy Kimes

"Find your Rhythm in Writing"

If you have a desire to write or share your passion for poetry you will enjoy this class. Learn about the tools you need, instant publishing, write a poem, and find creative ways to display your poetry to share with friends and family. (Examples and participation) Bring a journal or notebook, and pen or pencil.

Where: Eldorado Park Nature Center, Long Beach, CA
When: Saturday January 17, February 21, or March 14, 2009
Time: 1 - 3 p. m.
Fee: $15 Call to preregister 562-570-1745