Spirit Sticks

Valerie Meyer
Eagle Heart
P.O. Box 687
Yucca Valley, Ca. 92286

I am a self taught artist, who has been drawing, painting and writing since about 9 years old.

My first love in the art mediums is the pencil.

I believe in order to share anything you must first do it. Personal experience being life's best and most profound teacher. Hands-on experience, allows you to share not only the knowledge that lives in your head, but the wisdom that lives in your heart.

My beadwork began as an obligation during my Vision Quest. My little Brother, Lightning was my very patient beading teacher. As I practiced and played with this artform I began to realize that I was tapping into ancient personal roots.

My artwork is a reflection of my beliefs...

~Belief in the inherent goodness of the human being.
~A Rainbow... Live and let live philosophy.
~Finding our Unity in our Diversity.
~There is only One Race, Humanity; there is only One Language, Love; There is only One Way, Service!

Spirit Sticks by Eagleheart

(Spirit Stick by Eagle Heart)

Spirit Dolls!

(Spirit Dolls by Eagle Heart)

Classes and Workshops:

Offered by Valerie Eagle Heart Meyer
Please call ahead to schedule classes and workshops.


Come and learn the Comanche Stitch (also called Crazy Coyote Stitch) so you can bead your own Feathers, personal Spirit Sticks and who knows what else...
Lessons (including supplies) $20.00


Discover and awaken the 13 aspects of Woman... Mother, Lover, Blood Sister, Maiden, Daughter, Dark Mother, Crone, Sorceress, Priestess, Matriarch, Amazon, Midwife and Transformer. Create and embelish your doll using fabric, ribbon, beads, flowers, Feathers, and more. Workshop (includes supplies) $30.00

Complete kits also available for $25.00 and $30.00.


"Journey" with the Drum where you will be shown the mask you are to make. This is a powerful and unique workshop, because YOU are the MODEL for the mask you create!
(Masks can also be created using face forms). Workshop (includes supplies*) $40.00

*You must provide your own face form if you choose not to use your own face as a model!


You will create the Wheel of Life, drawing on ancient teachings with roots in Mayan and Aztec beliefs. The Sacred Wheel contains the patterns of Life here on Mother Earth.
Workshop (incudes supplies) $25.00


We each have 4 major shields. Learn to identify and use them as you create your personal shield. Lessons (includes Supplies) $25.00


To assist women with opening, acknowledging, accepting, and understanding the Goddess within. Through a series of exercises, meditation, Drumming, singing, and creative endeavors you will be empowered. Awaken the Goddess within and walk in Peace and Beauty. Workshop (includes supplies) $20.00.


After a relaxing and visualization exercise you will use poster board and items of embellishment... Pictures, Feathers, beads, material... (you can even bring your own special things). You will bring forth your Dream...your Vision, Mapping the past, present or future... or perhaps all three. Workshop (includes supplies) 20.00.

DRUMMING: A hands-on lesson in Drumming the Heartbeat and more. Also, covers
I-Ching Drumming exercises to provide balance of the yin/yang, above/below, within/without. Lessons (Drums available to use) $20.00.

E-mail Valerie Eagle Heart at: trexeagleheart@earthlink.net

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