Poetry in motion... Writing and Drawing in Nature.

This delightful introduction will take you out into the beauty of Mother Nature. Experience the back road trails of the San Bernardino Mountains, or by the sea in beautiful Cambria, or any other enchanted place that is close to home.

Learn creative journaling and communicate your feelings in poetic verse. Poems don't always have to rhyme. If you really want to open up your life, your thoughts, write, get in touch with your true self, this is the workshop for you. Beginners greatly encouraged.
If you would like to host a workshop in your home or community, contact me,
Nancy Kimes, at my e-mail address:

The pictures below include:
(1) a mountain trail in Big Bear, California
(2) a sandy beach in San Simeon, California

Big Bear Nature Trail

Do you see the bear image?

San Simeon Seagull

Where Does Haiku Come From... a Japanese art of Poetry...

"Some Haiku come from real events, some from your imagination. Ultimately, where Haiku comes from is a mystery. It may be something we have seen or heard, a momentary reflection, and it doesn't have to rhyme.
Go to a particular place and write poetry of that place. Simply describe in seventeen syllables what you have seen...what struck you or moved your heart. Although it is a mystery, when someone asks where the haiku "came from", you can at least offer a particular place and time"... A quote from "Poem Crazy" by Susan G. Wooldridge
You can order this book below.

Haiku Syllables 5-7-5

Examples written by Nancy Kimes:

Softly shining moon
Rising in the dark night sky
Open my heart now

Accent your feelings.
Random practice run...

Little by little
I'm open to the laughter
Trusting my instincts
Revealing my secret thoughts
Feeling connected
Allowing myself to be

Practice run II

Yellow, white and red
The colorful impressions
Of wild flowers, Ah!
Etched as if by a paintbrush
Meadows lush and green.

Practice run III

I look to the sky
Birds sing and spread their wings wide
Passing clouds float by
The wind gently tugs your hair
Fragrance fills the air
Flowers dance a happy dance
smiling faces glow
Life fills every seed below.

5-7-5 syllabled patterns, 3-lines, creates discipline in your writing.

My hope is to dream
And pass through the mystic veil
Finding Heaven's beam

Memory restored
As I ride upon its tail
So much unexplored

A vast space I see
And It's all a part of me
I am blessed to be!

5-7-5- pattern continued...

The meadows blossom
With flowers red and yellow
Birds sing and bee's buzz

Trees sway gracefully
I hear a babbling brook
I feel drawn to it

Many fish swim by
The brook looks so inviting
Calling me below

A world of its own
Moss, grass, and algae spread wide
Covering its floor

The fish gaze at me
As I peer into their world
Reflections I see
Of the fish and me.

Typically Haiku doesn't rhyme. I am inspired to do so!

Suggested reading material...

"Writing and Enjoying Haiku" by Jane Reichhold
                                                      Buy it today at Amazon.com (click here)

"The Haiku Handbook" by William J. Higginson with Penny Harter
                                                      Buy it today at Amazon.com (click here)

"Writing From Personal Experience" by Nancy Davidoff Kelton
                                                      Buy it today at Amazon.com (click here)

"Poemcrazy" by Susan G. Wooldridge
                                                      Buy it today at Amazon.com (click here)

"Writing Poetry" by Shelley Tucker
                                                      Buy it today at Amazon.com (click here)

"One Continuous Mistake" (Four Noble Truths for Writers), by Gail Sher
                                                      Buy it today at Amazon.com (click here)

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